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The scope of work covered by the Automotive and Industrial Cluster at the KADDB Investment Group aims to fulfill the needs and requirements of its clients in matters of light and heavy vehicle armouring, in addition to other related industrial solutions.

The capabilities available in this cluster comprise of:

Design and remanufacturing of electrical units and harnesses
Precision machining and metal fabrication
Standard and customised armouring for light, medium and heavy vehicles
Assembly and production of armoured and special purpose vehicles
Maintenance and after-sales services
NATO-standard protection levels

Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing LLC (JLVM)

Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing LLC (JLVM)

An affiliate of the KADDB Investment Group and The Jankel Group Limited (JGL), JLVM was established to design, develop, manufacture specialist and protected vehicles that meet international specifications.

JLVM provides all the necessary resources and training to enable production lines and staff to efficiently carry out their work.

P.O.Box : 35184, Amman 11180, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 7524

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6060

Email : sales@jlvmllc.com

Website : www.jlvmllc.com

Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JORDANAMCO)

Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JORDANAMCO)

JordanAMCO is part of the KADDB Investment Group Automotive and Industrial Cluster, tasked with the provision of high-standard precision engineering.

It uses state-of-the-art metal forming technology to build steel, aluminium and titanium components within tolerances of ±0.008 mm and provides a range of additional services, including heat treatment, surface grinding and reverse engineering.

The Company also provides technical support to other companies, both regional and local, assisting in tasks ranging from tool selection to personnel training. JordanAMCO is capable of repairing, maintaining and building customised components.

P.O.Box : 66, Dulail 13136, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6038

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6035

Email : info@jordanamco.com

Website : www.Jordanamco.com

Jordan Manufacturing and Services Solutions (JMSS)

Jordan Manufacturing and Services Solutions (JMSS)

JMSS is an affiliate of KADDB Investment Group (KIG), established to develop, refurbish, and rebuild heavy vehicles (wheeled and tracked) in addition to their different components and systems.

JMSS provides high quality cutting and bending services by utilising its state-of- the-art CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Water Jet Cutting, and CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machines, for all type of material including Mild Steel, Armour Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel, Glass (normal and armour), Wood, and Marble amongst other material.

JMSS also provides overhaul services to the mechanical subassemblies and components of the combat wheeled and tracked vehicles.

JMSS has the capacity and the capability of merging individual components into a smoothly functioning vehicle, using advanced engineering techniques and creative problem-solving approaches to provide innovative solutions and ensure compliance with strict quality control procedures in research, design, and development.

P.O.Box : 75, Dulail 13136, Jordan

Fax : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6178

Phone : (+962) - 2 - 625 - 6146

Email : info@jomss.com.jo

Website : www.jomss.com